strategies of changes
strategies of changes
strategies of changes

Our Mission

The mission of the Lerion is a support for organisations oriented towards changes, thus facilitating the management process based on mutual trust between employers and employees. Lerion is a consulting group operating from 2000.


„The only constant thing in an organisation is change”

Peter Drucker


Ownership transformations, organisational changes, employment restructuring, and a need of development – all these indirectly or directly effect the personnel. Personnel management is a skill requiring openness to changes.

A consulting group LCEK was founded in 2000 in response to needs of the market. The company ensured a possibility of effective use of its founders’ experience for the needs of Clients. This was professional experience focused on the area of collective labour law and personnel management, supported by the organisational efficiency.

Today we act as the Lerion company rendering complex consulting services concerning management of labour resources and development of personnel skills and competences. The specialisation of the Lerion company are services in the field of collective labour law for the benefit of organisations whose development strategies require changes of human resources. It refers both to subjective and organisational transformations related to facilitation of company management. The Lerion company operates in the socio-legal, psycho-organisational and accounting-and-personnel areas.

We have experience in providing assistance to the biggest capital groups in the energy, fuel, telecommunications, logistics and banking sectors. We are responsible in particular for restructuring processes in the personnel, structural and organisational areas. We support our Clients at all stages of the conducted processes – from planning of strategic solutions, through development of operational concepts, to their implementation. Treating each Client individually, we design instruments especially for him, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness of the proposed solutions, we help in their implementation and monitor the correctness of their operation in an organisation. A particular attention is paid to maintenance of social peace in processes of change and their implementation in a social dialogue.

We benefit from a wide base of proven and highly qualified consultants and a professional organisational and administrative facilities.

We perform our work with passion and engagement.




The efficient functioning of the management system is based primarily on people’s activities under this system. Managers responsible for managing labor resources are often the main force in achieving the company’s strategic goals.

 Lerion provides its clients with support in preparing managers responsible for managing labor resources to develop strategies for planned activities, selecting appropriate methods and procedures for carrying them out, as well as designing communication processes and negotiations with employee representatives.

 The proposed workshops are conducted in a formula adapted to individual needs, taking into account the real problems encountered by the Client.

Trusted Us



The Board Chairman of Lerion sp. z o.o. is Agnieszka Łysiak – the MBA, lawyer, certified consultant in the area of entrepreneurship and accountancy, manager with international experience in organisation of consulting and training services as well as management of companies in this sector.

The Chairman of the Policy Board of Lerion and the Board Chairman of the Lerion Foundation was Marcin Robert Łysiak – the experienced lawyer and manager, specialist in the area of collective labour law and modeling of a dialogue, consultant of social partners in numerous processes of change – ownership transformations, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring; lecturer, advisor, negotiator and mediator; long-term research worker and author of publications as well as innovative projects and training programmes; the mission of his professional and social activity was promotion of the idea of dialogue in collective employment relations.


Running for many years the consultuing activity in the area of personnel management, the team of the Lerion consultants have gained experience and knowledge in this field, which is useful to others. In 2004 Lerion founded a foundation to promote good practices in personnel management. The foundation is active within the structure of the Lerion company.

The objective of the Lerion foundation is conducting research and promotional activity, and in particular dissemination of knowledge and skills within human resources management, supporting development of employees’ personal abilities, dissemination of knowledge and skills related to safeguarding rights and representation of workers’ interests as well as supporting and promotion of a social dialogue and strenthening company development.

The Lerion foundation pursues its goals through organisation of training sessions, seminars and workshops, scientific and promotional conferences, consultancy for the benefit of the social partners, mediation between the parties to employment relations, conducting comparative research and scientific analyses, organisation of promotional and medial campaigns as well as press publications and the publishing activity.

Among undertakings financed from the Lerion fundation’s own means a special emphasis should be put on a cycle of Managerial Workshops that, within a seminar interactive mode, allow for exchange of views by entrepreneurs and experts in particular fields related to personnel management. It results, among others, in improvement of services offered by the whole Lerion group.

The Lerion foundation successfully engages in gaining of financial support from aid programs of the European Union and provides effective assistance in project management throughout their implementation.