The team of consultants of the Lerion group is composed of experienced consultants who together have accomplished many undertakings oriented towards problem solving. The criteria of consultant selection are: specialist theoretical knowledge in a given area, rich experience showing the ability of its effective application, flexibility of thinking, high emotional and social intelligence and appropriate personal predispositions. Important premises of their selection are also loyalty and engagement in search of the best solutions. Due to its roots in the university environment, Lerion benefits from assistance of outstanding authority figures in the fields included in the scope of the rendered services, enabling its Clients to obtain their opinions in especially difficult problems. Lerion cooperates routinely with many specialists in the field of law, economy, management, accountancy, HR and payroll, psychology and public relations. Partners of the Lerion group include legal advisors specialising in issues within collective labour law and company law as well as in providing assistance in processes of ownership and organisational transformations of economic entities, as well as in daily servicing of medium and large companies.