Workers’ remuneration, evaluation and incentive systems

Remuneration systems are an effective motivation instrument. Lerion designs a payroll poli-cy, taking into consideration the financial possibilities.

Nowadays entrepreneurs expect that workers’ remuneration and incentive systems will not only fuflil stricte payroll functions but they will also bring effects in the area of development of a desirable organisational culture and join workers’ goals with objectives of the conducted business. Modern payroll systems support a combination of performance and effects achieved by organisations with remuneration. They are an effective incentive instrument ensuring engagement of employees in pursuit of success; they encourage them to raise qualifications, at the same making their work rewarding.

Employees’ remuneration, evaluation and incentive systems that are Inappropriately interconnected or systems ill-fitted for individual needs of the company damage chances of their maximum motivational application.

Lerion provides its Clients with a support in development of payroll policy that constitutes an effective instrument in achievement of strategic goals with consideration of the financial possibilities of the company.

The proposed solutions allow for combination of particular instruments in a manner supporting the whole organisation, where the system of performance reviews fulfils its function properly through appropriate connections with the incentive, remuneration and internal informative systems, and the results of evaluations in a transparent way translate into promotions, training and professional development paths.

  • development of a payroll policy
  • assumption for development of the payroll system standard
  • development of payroll systems
  • performance reviews
  • bonus systems non-wage motivation