of activities

Economic entities focus on their main objectives and endeavour to reduce their operational costs. Lerion conducts analyses concerning human resources and develops solutions max-imizing effectiveness of outsourcing.

Pursuit of maximization of the economic impact of conducted activity and the requirements concerning professionalisation and specialisation motivate economic entities to outsourcing of such types of activity, that do not bear the nature of their basic activity. Entrepreneurs decide to end or separate outside their auxiliary and additional activity. Generally while making such decisions they employ workers assigned to the liquidated areas.  

Automatism in operation of labour law provisions concerning a transfer of employees may lead to a transfer of workers between entrepreneurs. If they are not precisely designed, they damage effects of the developed projects and hinder their implementation.

Lerion assist their Clients to appropriately plan and accomplish the outsourcing process; it makes an analysis of employee assignment to particular areas of activity, designs and implements the actions preceding the main process that allow for assignment or reduction of human resources in a manner allowing for achievement of the intended goals.

Human resources allocated appropriately and a proper sequence of actions optimize the effects of activity outsourcing.

  • participation in development of outsourcing strategies
  • analysis of employee assignment to particular areas of activity
  • identification of impact of the projected activity on labour resources
  • development of an operational concept and a schedule of project implementation
  • development of procedures, documents and communications system
  • providing assiatance in the process of project implementation