Mergers and divisions of employers

Entrepreneurs change economic structures by mergers or divisions. Lerion prepares and implements such processes in the area of human resources.

The economic environment induces improvement of structures and organisation of enterprises and their groups. Employers consolidate due to mergers and acquisitions; in other cases they are divided, creating complex structures within the same legal entity, capital group or holding. Transformations concern both companies and the so-called internal employers being parts thereof.  

The result of such actions in the area of human resources is a transfer of employees between employers, often determining a need to remodel the applied employement, remuneration and incentive systems.  

Lerion supports its Clients at the stage of planning of the process and designs an operational concept of its implementation in the area of human resources; it helps to draft an organisational structure of the company and employement or remuneration systems for a merger of division of employers so as to minimize costs and increase effectiveness of the implemented change.   

An appropriately planned incentive and remuneration system consolidates merging organisations, ensuring equal treatment of employees and allowing for their effective motivation. An appropriate organisational structure  of the entity and appropriate allocation of employees to particular areas of activity minimize threats for labour resources of the divided employer.

  • participation in development of a process strategy
  • identification of impact of the intended process on employment and remuneration systems
  • development of an operational concept and schedule of project implementation
  • development of procedures, documents and communications system providing assistance in the process of project implementation