Management of personnel aspects of changes

Proccesses of business transformation result in changes. Lerion develops codes of practice and participates in implementation of projects.

Transformation processes of modern companies lead to constant changes. Continuous reduction of the public sector participation in economy results in processes of ownership transformations. Economic entities change their structures and organisations; they modify the scope and type of their activities and the manner they are conducted. Entrepreneurs adjust to requirements of the market and unstable legal-and-economic environment.  

Such changes often result in changes in the area of employment, determining obligations concerning a dialogue with trade unions as well as the information and consulting obligations towards other representations of workers.

Lerion provides its Clients with a support in development of a strategy of the intended change in terms of its impact on the labour resources; it helps to shape the relations with trade unions by developing appropriate procedures and variantive modes of action to these ends as well as participating actively in implementation of projects, and conducting negotiations with representatives of workers, as needed.

Appropriate communication with employees and development of effective codes of practice accepted by their representatives increase chances of success of the intended changes.

  • participation in development of a change strategy
  • identification of impact of the intended changes on human resources
  • development of an operational concept and a schedule of project implementation
  • designing procedures, documents and a communication system providing assistance in the project implementation process