At the employer’s, among others, work, remuneration or fund of social benefits regulations are applicable. Lerion designs and implements in-company labour law acts.

Labour law regulations obligate most employers to implement in-company labour law acts. First of all, they are work, remuneration and fund of social benefits regulations. At certain employers’ there is a reasonable need to implement bonus or premium regulations. All regulations should be implemented in appropriate modes as defined by regulations of law, usually with participation of trade unions or other representations of employees.

All acts in their entirety or in part may be replaced by higher-ranking acts – collective bargaining agreements. Sometimes it is also reasonable to conclude other collective agreements in accordance with the circumstances and needs of the social partners.

Lerion provides its Clients with a support in the processes of project designing, agreeing and negotiating in-company acts that allow for effective and lawful use of labour resources; it also designs collective agreements constituting a source of the in-company labour law and other agreements of the social partners of the contract nature.

Appropriate in-company acts may become an effective instrument of personnel management, whereas collective agreements often become an instrument supporting implementation of changes. Their issuance should not be only an awkward obligation, whose fulfilment does not pursue interests of entrepreneurs or employees.

  • collective labour agreements
  • collective agreements
  • bonus regulations
  • bonus and premium regulations
  • work regulations
  • company fund of social benefits regulations