Building of a competitive advantage requires restructuring of employment. Lerion indicates appropriate methods of its implementation.

Attempts to build a competitive advantage on the market more and more often necessitate implementation of employment restructuring. It may entail a change of the employment structure, as justified by organisational and technological needs. Aiming at optimalisation of costs and facilitation of business management often inspires to outsourcing of certain areas of activity and the allocated staff. The most radical change in this area is a group dismissal.

Such actions often result in anxiety of employees about their future in the organisation and in consequence a decrease of effectiveness of the labour resources. Employers search for solutions minimizing negative results of the implemented changes.

Lerion provides their Clients with a support in development of strategies of the intended restructuring, a selection of appropriate methods and procedures of its implementation; it designs communications systems and co-participates in the processes of negotiation with representatives of employees.

Outplacement programmes and voluntary redundancy programmes adjusted to entrepreneur’s possibilities and needs minimize worker resistance to the implemented restructuring process and increase chances of its success.

  • participation in development of restructuring strategies
  • selection of codes and procedures of practice appropriate for the form and scope of the intended restructuring
  • dedelopment of outplacement programmes and voluntary redundance programmes
  • development of an operational concept and a schedule of project implementation
  • devlopment of procedures, documents and communications systems
  • providing assistance in the process of project implementation