Development of workers’ competences and skills

The management system operates in the same way as people want and are able to act. Lerion plans and conducts processes of enhancement of workers’ qualifications.

The management system works as well as well people operating within the system want and can act. The main power in the achievement of company strategic goals should be employees who are not only well-qualified but also creative and capable to work well in a group. To increase effectiveness of operations they have to master skills of holding a conversation, transmitting information and persuasion, to learn their own habits and reactions in specified circumstances. Yet first of all they have to learn an appropriate line of thinking.

Application of inappropriate methods of creating a training policy and insufficiently precise disgnosing of real needs of employees and the organisation often makes effects of the accomplished tasks impracticable and disappointing.

Lerion helps their Clients to appropriately plan and carry out the process of raising workers’ qualifications so as to make it a supplementation to other actions within personnel management and be an important factor of survival in a competitive environment.  

The offered training programmes are designed taking into consideration Client’s individual needs. Selection of methods, examples and exercises used in training are determined by real problems the Client encounters and the specificity of the activity he conducts.

  • analysis of training needs
  • development of training systems
  • improvement of managerial skills
  • development of employees’ competences and skills
  • training concerning development of relations with customers
  • training supporting implemented processes of change