of employment

Effective use of human resources is a premise of success in undertakings. Lerion constructs new and reconstructs the existing employment systems.

In the age of still high labour costs, effective use of the possessed resources and appropriate planning of employment systems constitute an important premise of success in economic undertakings. Adjustment of the employment system to the entrepreneur’s needs may not disregard the legal conditions and reasonable requirements of offices and inspections. First of all, an employment system should encourage the best employees to a strong relation with the organisation, providing them with development and professional promotion prospect.

An inappropriate system of positions, ill-suited for goals specified by strategies of development and the company organisational structure supporting its implementation may often become a significant cause of a decrease in effectiveness or even hinders the achievement of objectives.

Lerion provides its Clients with a support in proccesses of development of employment policy and construction of new or reconstruction of the existing systems; it designs solutions motivating employees to development, which increases their effectiveness in the organisation.  

An analysis and fair description of work positions and their rating and evaluation still constitute the best instrument for construction of an appropriate hierarchy of positions and designing of a career path for employees in a manner ensuring the effective participation of the personnel in achievement of strategic goals.

  • planning of employment policy
  • assumptions for development of an employment system standard
  • development of employment systems
  • analysis and description of work positions
  • rating of work positions development of a skill grading manual